Wolf control is needed in region


This will not be long, just facts. This is to the woman who wrote, “Wolves are not a problem.” I have been hunting for 62 years now. I know facts; this woman does not. The past five years of deer hunting have gotten worst every year. Two years ago, I saw five deer. I hunt with bow, rifle, black powder. There is practically no shooting the last two years.

In the Hermansville area, north Menominee County, the deer are almost gone. I have a pack of seven wolves around the past two years. I have trail cam pictures of them. They have killed off or driven away most of the deer. This year through all of rifle season I saw four deer, period. I heard a total of 21 rifle shots all rifle season. I know two nearby camps that quit after three days and went home.

I have seen wolves on many occasions and witnessed two wolves kill a deer from my camp door. So don’t give this old hunter any guff about wolves. Since the hunting seasons have ended, I have talked to many other hunters with the same story. Wolves are increasing at an alarming rate; we must control their numbers. We control coyote numbers, we control ruffed grouse numbers, deer numbers, duck numbers, with limits on harvest.

This is pure nonsense — we have to lower the numbers of wolves now or there will be no deer hunting in five years!

I have, as I stated above, seen wolves while walking, and driving. They are a beautiful animal, magnificent to observe, but we must reduce their numbers. Deer hunting keeps the Upper Peninsula going with all the revenue it generates. The wolf will end all that in five years. As I also stated, I have hunted 61 years. I have seen what wolves have done to the deer population.

Demand action now — contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, attend DNR meetings, voice your opinion. Hunting is at stake.

Allan Peterson



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