Legislators make classic power grab


It appears that our legislators have gone on strike. They won’t approve any of the governor’s nominations because they don’t like the virus restrictions. The won’t release the FEDERAL education funds until they’ve wrested power away from the state Health Department.

Oh, they’d like you to believe they just want to return power to the counties — local control and all that. But in fact, their bills only allow the counties to make decisions based upon parameters set by — you guessed it — the legislature. As power grabs go, this one is a classic. And they’re not going to approve any nominations or release the rest of the funds until they get what they want.

Now, I’m the last person to object to an honest labor strike. Work stoppages are a fine, old Michigan tradition. But tell me, in what universe does one refuse to do one’s job and still get paid?

These petulant politicians should do what we pay them to do or make way for someone who will.

Lola Johnson



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