Sen. McBroom deserves respect


State Sen. Ed McBroom recently released his eight-month-long report on voter fraud concerns for the state and found no fraud occurred. Yet the past president will not acknowledge the report and posts the senator’s name and phone number online, and informs his followers to call the senator. (In other words, harass him.)

Donald Trump was taught by infamous lawyer Roy Cohn to never admit defeat, no matter if you are defeated. But here we have some people who are going to believe Trump over Sen. McBroom, who from what I understand after doing some research is a man whose character is beyond reproach.

It is reprehensible that the senator should have to worry about the safety of his family while he is in Lansing working hard for people of the U.P.

I do not always agree myself with some of the senator’s beliefs. However, I have no issues whatsoever when it comes to his word and trustworthiness.

I hope those who have followed the commands of Mr. Trump will reconsider, and instead follow the truth, no matter how difficult that sometimes may be. Thank you.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain


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