Abortion is a human, not political, issue


It is challenging to respond to the Letter to the Editor that appeared in the April 20 issue of The Daily News. The unabashed, insistently harsh call for Women’s Reproductive Health Rights (code word for unlimited abortion) unmasks the shameful truth of our times — “Me, me, me–I’ll mow down anything in my way.”

Evil today doesn’t appear as a fiery, red demon. Evil is on full display in statistics and poll numbers. For example, 3,000 children awaiting adoption in Michigan and the resultant conclusion–let’s kill anything that might add to that number.

Abortion is a heinous act. Call it good; call it freedom; call it fulfillment. Abortion promotes the devaluation of life and the violence that destroys.

If persuaded by scientific knowledge, graphic evidence and statistics, study about when life begins and what the unborn baby feels. Be brave enough to look at what abortion really is. Google late-term abortion. Look at the baby partially born before the skull is crushed. Google pictures of aborted babies. The heaps of babies in the refuse pile remind any thinking person of what was discovered by the Allies when the concentration camps were liberated. Research the many abortion doctors who came to see what abortion really is. Research the many nurses who could no longer participate in abortions.

Abortion is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. It is a human issue.

Women are beautiful. Abortion always hurts women. The crowning glory of a woman’s beauty does not come forth from evil and urging the “me, me” way. Where help, support, encouragement and love are needed, the solution is violence. How many women suffer in their inner being for saying “no” to their babies and killing them? They know the truth.

Men are beautiful. Abortion always hurts men. One cannot escape the killing of one’s offspring. How many men think in their inner being of their babies that have been killed and the children they have never met?

Abortion is hurting everyone. Dear, helpless, innocent, beautiful babies are killed. Our nation becomes weaker as we turn to killing and sanctioning killing and funding killing and promoting killing. The health of our communities and families is damaged. Good cannot result from evil. Abortion is evil. It is not freedom. It is enslavement to evil.

Ann Martin

Iron Mountain

Member of Dickinson County Right to Life


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