First-year NLY members help out in season finale

Noah Richmond prepares to jump in for his swim at the season-ending dual meet in Marquette. (NLY Photo)

IRON MOUNTAIN — First-year swimmers are making a contribution to the Northern Lights YMCA Swim Team.

The NLY team is made up of swimmers from Dickinson and Delta counties along with their surrounding areas. In the season-ending dual at Marquette, many first-year swimmers competing.

NLY coach Tony Adams noted Gemma Raiche, age 6; Noah Richmond, 13; and Mary, 9, and Ben Lundholm, 6.

“Gemma has watched her older brothers (Kolbe, Marcel, Jerzy and Jozeph) swim and was willing to try this season,” Adams said. “Noah has watched his father do triathlons and this year was motivated to try the swim team. Mary and her brother Ben watched their brothers and sister swim on the team and were willing to try themselves this year.

“Swimmers are people willing to try something different.”

Other swimmers who went to Marquette for the last dual meet:

Ia Berozashvili (16), Emily Bruns (18), Annabelle Ellison (11), Thomas Gibbons (9), Mackenzie Gilroy (13), Myah Gilroy (9), Ben Goupell (10), John Goupell (12), Linnea Grubb (13), Petra Grubb (10), Hailey Johnson (18), Own Lebouef (12), Joey Lundholm (11), John Lundholm (15), Kaden Matuszewski (13), Kailey Matuszewski (8), Adelaide McRoberts (11), Margot McRoberts (9), Magdalaina Menghini (14), Andrew Nelson (13), Isaac Nelson (7), Carina Newman (8), Juliet Newman (8), Caleb Plumley (17), Ellison Powell (12), Allie Schoenborn (17), Samantha Scott (13), Sierra Scott (11), Sydney Scott (13), Clark Smith (9), and Harvey Smith (12).

“The YMCA gives everyone the opportunity to try,’ said Adams, noting some qualified for the state meet in Milwaukee and others to the regional April 7-8 in Minneapolis.