Kingsford adding JV softball next spring

KINGSFORD - The Breitung Township Board approved a girls junior varsity softball team for the spring of 2020 season on a trial basis.

Conditions include a minimum of 25 girls participating and the program will be evaluated on a year-to-year basis.

Dan Cram, parent and vice president of Little League softball for Kingsford, was happy to see the junior varsity team approved.

“I think it’s exciting that they got this done this year,” Cram said. “We had 25 girls last year that struggled through the season and didn’t get much playing time so this is a great thing for the program we have. We will have numbers well into the thirties this year I think with the combined program.

“I think it’s great that the athletic director was proactive this year and got it taken care of. It’s a good thing for everybody. It should be a great thing.”