WIAA to seed football playoffs

STEVENS POINT, Wis. — Announced in their Spring Bulletin, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is going to implement a computer formula to seed its 2020 football playoffs.

The formula and the computer application to process these seeds, was developed with the collaboration and review of the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association.

The intent of the seeding component isn’t to match how the coaches seeded, but to instead assign the most accurate depiction of a team’s strength, using the commonly used RPI (Rating Percentage Index) in the process.

Another factor that will be added to the formula, is input from the WFCA as to what kind of factors are used by the coaches at the seeding meetings.

Factors included in the WIAA seeding formula include:

– Team win percentage

– Opponents’ win percentage

– Opponents’ opponents win percentage

– Defeated opponents’ win percentage

– Defeated opponents’ opponents win percentage

– Historical conference playoff win percentage (Three-year conference teams’ win percentage)

– Historical team playoff win percentage (Three years)

– Strength of loss game value (determined by value assigned to each game, multiplied by all playoff teams’ win percentage)

– Computer generated tiebreaker

The Board of Control at its January 2020 meeting voted unanimously to implement automated seeding for football in 2020. The panel also voted to eliminate the process to appeal for a higher seed.


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