Musky angler catches ‘em on the fly

Crystal Falls guide Pryal wins Boundary Waters Musky Club competition

James Pryal of Crystal Falls registered 30 musky catches — including one fish measuring 51.5 inches — in the Boundary Waters Musky Club’s 2019 contest. He happens to be the club’s only fly fisherman.

IRON MOUNTAIN – James Pryal of Crystal Falls, a local fly fishing guide and lifelong angler of the Upper Peninsula, recently joined a local musky group.

The Boundary Waters Musky Club has a yearly expo in Iron Mountain and helps educate people about musky fishing. The club helps local stocking efforts, hosts outings, provides community donations and has a year-long competition for members.

The Open Division winner for 2019 was Pryal, registering more than 30 fish and having the most points overall.

One of the fish was an incredible 51.5-inch musky. Pryal also happens to be the club’s only fly fisherman.

“I’m just honored to be a part of this amazing group of fishermen,” he said. “They are a supremely organized, friendly, down to earth and overall great group of fellow musky anglers.”

Pryal was a guest speaker at the club’s yearly Expo at Recreation Lanes on Feb. 22. His presentation was on fly fishing for musky.

Catching musky is a fast-growing aspect in the sport of fly fishing.

Pryal is a guide for Into the Wild fly fishing guide service.

In his free time, he enjoys targeting musky with giant streamers all across the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin.


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