Ex-wrestler sues University of Michigan over alleged doctor assaults

Associated Press
DETROIT — A man who was a college wrestler in the 1980s sued the University of Michigan on Wednesday, alleging that a school doctor molested him dozens of times despite the university knowing that he was a threat to athletes.
The lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Detroit is the first since victims of late Dr. Robert E. Anderson began to emerge a few weeks ago. The man, identified only as John Doe, accused the university of failing to remove the doctor despite complaints about him. Doe said he was a student from 1984 to 1989.
“We’re not looking to out any of our clients,” said attorney Mike Cox, a former state attorney general.
Cox said his law firm in suburban Detroit represents about 20 people, including former Michigan football and hockey players along with wrestlers, all willing to file lawsuits against the school.
“We’ll have 10 more filed by noon Thursday and five to 10 more by Monday,” Cox said.
Anderson was a team physician for various sports at the University of Michigan from 1966 until his retirement in 2003. He died in 2008.
A university spokeswoman said the school couldn’t comment “other than to deeply apologize for the harm caused by Robert E. Anderson.”
“We recognize the enormous strength and courage it takes for survivors to come forward and share their stories, university spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen said.