Detroit Tigers considering 6-man pitching rotation


AP Baseball Writer

DETROIT — The Detroit Tigers are considering using a six-man rotation for at least some of this season as they return to a normal schedule with a pitching staff that will likely include some of the team’s top prospects.

General manager Al Avila spoke with reporters Tuesday, the day before Detroit’s first workout for pitchers and catchers.

“In our meeting today, we did discuss a six-man rotation, and then really, getting through the season and having relievers mixed in,” Avila said. “You might see more players being brought up and optioned throughout the season, as you need fresh arms from week to week.”

Last year’s abbreviated schedule lightened the workload for pitchers throughout baseball. Matthew Boyd led the Tigers in innings with 60 1/3.

It remains to be seen how easily pitchers can re-adjust to a 162-game schedule, and Detroit has several young options who are still trying to establish themselves as big leaguers.

“I just don’t know how you’re going to get through all the innings that you need,” Avila said. “Now in saying that, there will be flexibility. I don’t know that we need it right at the beginning of the season, but certainly once we get underway, and we’ll make adjustments.”