BOSS Snowplow, Bay West let student work while pursuing degree


The Daily News will run a monthly series on successful professionals in the area regarding their job, education, and why they chose to live in Dickinson County. The professionals selected have some form of educational background with Bay College.

For The Daily News

IRON MOUNTAIN — Dillon Foley moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Michigan’s U.P. soon after graduating high school in 2012.

“I knew I wanted to live up north, since my family made regular vacations up to our property throughout my childhood. When I had the opportunity to work and attend school right in Iron Mountain, I took it,” Foley said.

Long interested in the field of engineering, Foley wanted to get job experience in a workplace where he could grow while attending classes.

He found that at BOSS Snowplow, where he has been for the past 3 1/2 years and currently is a computer numerical control, or CNC, machine operator.

“The ability to earn a steady income, working full-time Friday through Sunday, allows me plenty of time to focus on my education Monday through Thursday,” Foley said.

Foley is pursuing an associate degree in pre-engineering science at Bay College. He is set to graduate in 2019, then plans to continue at Northern Michigan University toward earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology.

Foley noted that BOSS has several scholarship programs available for employees and their families, ranging from $500 to $5,000. One is The Toro Scholarship Program, for employee dependents. Another, the Mike and Tami Hoffman scholarship, is open both to employees and dependents.

He also looks forward to taking advantage of scholarships offered through Bay.

Said Foley, “I was surprised by how helpful everyone is at Bay. The staff has made going to college easy for me.” He pointed out as well that being able to take online classes, in combination with campus classes, was more convenient for him.

“Bay has always been amazing to me for personal help. I have always been given plenty of one-on-one time with advisors and instructors to really achieve my goals.” He specifically thanked Jim Grider, supplemental instruction coordinator at Bay College West, for his help.

His advice to anyone going to or thinking about college? “Commit to your education,” Foley said, “and really invest in yourself. It can be difficult at times, but in 10 years, you won’t regret setting a goal and achieving it.”