Book Review: Bone Box

Faye Kellerman’s best-selling series featuring ex-LAPD Detective Peter Decker and his wife, Rina Lazarus, continues in their latest case, “Bone Box.” (William Morrow, 414 pages)

Decker and his wife have moved from Los Angeles to a quiet college town in upstate New York in hopes of living a more tranquil life.

One beautiful day in September, Rina is hiking on Bogat Trail when she stumbles across a human skeleton. Rina’s intuition that there may be a serial killer

at prey in this community of the five colleges seems to be confirmed when two additional skeletons are unearthed.

Soon Decker and his partner, law student Tyler McAdams, are scouring over missing person cases to try to identify the three victims and discover the killer who buried these unfortunate victims in the woods.

What Decker and his partners, wife Rina, and policeman McAdams, find is that the ivy walls of institutions of higher learning can shelter the most hideous fiends

on the planet. For young women, a college campus can be the most dangerous place on earth.

The case of the Bogat Trail killer takes its toll on Peter Decker — and his marriage. Things take a terrifying twist when Rina becomes the target of a professor who enjoys stalking females.

But this gentle woman who goes about adopting lonely souls and can whip up a kosher feast for dozens of college students, is more than capable of defending herself.

Readers of the Decker/Lazarus novels will enjoy their new home and stories set in upstate New York.