The Kremlin Strike

Dale Brown, retired United States Air Force captain, delivers his latest military thriller featuring the father and son team of Patrick and Brad McLanahan, “Kremlin Strike.” (William Morrow, 437 pages)

The ruthless Russian president, Gennadiy Gryzlov, has ordered the development of the ultimate weapon — a plasma rail gun nicknamed “Thunderbolt” — which is capable of destroying satellites which control everything from communication to military surveillance.

The Russians have commenced their mission dubbed the “Mars Project.” Under the guise of colonizing the red planet, but with a nod to Mars, the God of War, President Gryzlov has ordered the launch of a space station armed with the plasma rail gun and an array of missiles capable of destroying the military defense systems of the West.

While the voters in the United States have abandoned the dangerous appeasement policies of the Stacy Anne Barbeau administration, electing Texan John Dalton Farrell, who is adamantly pro-defense, America and her Western allies are vulnerable to an attack from this terrifying Thunderbolt weapon.

Farrell calls on the Iron Wolf Squadron to carry out the most audacious military raid in history — one that takes place in the harsh confines of outer space.

As with his previous works, Dale Brown delivers a political-military thriller that will amaze and enlighten the reader as he describes the awesome technology of the future and the horrors that await if it should be developed by tyrannical regimes.

While many pundits dismissed the current administration’s announcement of a military space force, Dale Brown leaves his reader with this dire warning: “One way or another, whoever controls outer space is going to end up controlling the earth.”


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