Cat Shining Bright

Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s mystery series featuring the brave feline detective, Joe Grey, and his friends continues in “Cat Shining Bright” (William Morrow, 294 pages.)

In the beautiful coastal city of Molena Point, California, a select group of human friends of Joe Grey and his beloved Dulcie eagerly await the birth of their litter of kittens.

As three precious kittens enter this world, the speaking cats Joe and Dulcie wonder whether their offspring have inherited their gift for human speech. The peace of the nursery is interrupted, as a car theft ring plagues their idyllic village.

The safety of the residents of Molena Point is threatened when hairdresser Barbara Conley and Langston Prince are found shot and a prowler is stalking retired parole officer Wilma Getz.

But with the tireless detective, Joe Grey, and his clowder of cats on the prowl, the peace and safety of Molena Point will be restored.

As this clutter of talking felines find themselves in another mystery, Joe Grey and Dulcie work on raising their brood of three precocious kittens. In typical parental fashion, they watch with anxiety and pride as their young ones grow and show signs of their special talents.

Little Buffin has the ability to sense an animal’s pain and has a promising career helping veterinarian John Firetti. Bold Striker is the perfect sidekick to join his detective father, Joe Grey. And little calico Courtney shows signs of being a mystic.

Fans of felines will delight in this latest tale of Shirley Rousseau Murphy and will await the further furry adventures of Joe Grey, Dulcie and their trio of darling kittens.