Lucky people – Luke 6:39ff

The Rev. Joseph O. Gouin


American Martyrs Church


I recently read an article about lucky people taken from a national magazine. It began by pointing out that some people seem to get all the breaks in life. Then it mentioned that some people never seem to have such luck.

It then went on to make a surprising statement. It said lucky people are often the cause of their good luck, while unlucky people are often the cause of their own bad luck.

The author of the article then gave a reason for this. He said that lucky people, by and large, are people who have an upbeat attitude. They are people who are positive and affirming. Above all, they are people who have a knack for focusing on the good side of things, especially the good side of other people.

This makes a lot of sense. These are the kind of people we would want to work for us or with us. They are the ones we would want to have as friends. They are life giving, etc.

In contrast, the author said unlucky people often have a downbeat attitude. They are people who are negative and often focus on the bad side of things, especially the faults of other people. They are people who often grumble and criticize.

Our Lord had these people in mind in Luke’s gospel when he said there are people who are always looking for the splinter in their brother’s eye while not being aware of the beam in their own!

So if we want to be lucky, we should stop looking for splinters!

May God bless.