Book Review: Stalker

Lisa Stone’s second crime novel, “Stalker,” (Harper 360, 366 pages) is a high-tech “nail-biter.”

The story centers on Derek Flint, owner of Home Security, a security firm which installs CCTV’s in businesses and homes.

But there is a problem with Derek Flint’s

Home Security — an alarming number of his clients have been the victimized by crime.

Detective Constable Beth Mayes becomes suspicious when she spots a pattern between unsolved crimes and Derek Flint’s security business. When she and her partner, Matt Davis, discover that Derek is also quite the voyeur, they wonder if they have a very savvy and dangerous criminal on their hands.

But things take a turn when Derek Flint’s computer is hacked by a shadowing character who sends him messages signed “Watching You.”

Britain boasts of its many surveillance cameras for public safety but Lisa Stone reminds us that they can give far too much information to a high-tech predator.