Book Review: Hunting Party

Lucy Foley’s “The Hunting Party” is a modern version of the classic manor home mystery in which a group of people are trapped in a remote location with a killer lurking among them. ((William Morrow, 327 pages)

In Foley’s mystery, a group of friends plan on celebrating their 10-year college reunion in a Scottish Highland hunting estate where they aim to toast in the New Year in high fashion which includes a bit of hunting on the side.

But between the toasts of champagne, old secrets and animosities surface. To add to the suspense, the group is snowed in and cut off from leaving their cottages while the notorious madman, the Highland Ripper, is still on the loose.

The New Year proves to be very deadly as it clear that the guest list includes a murderer!

Fans of Agatha Christie will appreciate Lucy Foley’s “Hunting Party” which blends beautiful descriptions of the majestic Scottish Highlands with a tale of great suspense as the reader tries to unravel the identity of the killer and victim (although the latter is rather easy to detect.)

All in all, “The Hunting Party” is another enjoyable interpretation of the time honored mystery where murder crashes the dinner party.


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