Book Review: Mercy River

Glen Erik Hamilton’s “Mercy River” (William Morrow, 355 pages) is the next installment in his high powered series featuring former Army Ranger and lock pick artist Donovan “Van” Shaw.

When Shaw learns that his former Army buddy Leo Pak has been arrested for murder in the backwoods town of Mercy River, he summons the aid of attorney Ephraim Ganz and heads to the aid of his fellow Ranger.

He arrives during the Rally, a meeting of ex-soldiers which combines recreation with aims to help reintegrate soldiers into civilian life.

But behind the drinking and camaraderie, Shaw uncovers a deadly mixture of drugs, bank robbery and a stand-off between former soldiers and white supremacists.

As with his previous Van Shaw novels, Hamilton delivers a high calibre action novel which will keep the reader’s adrenaline flowing.