N-V Women’s Club to host annual Senior Tea on Wednesday

The Rev. Binu Joseph

NORWAY — The Norway-Vulcan Women’s Club will host the annual Senior Tea at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Oak Crest Golf Club.

The Senior Girls will be treated to a tea luncheon and scholarships will be presented during the event.  

The guest speaker at the April meeting of the Norway-Vulcan Women’s was the Rev. Binu Joseph, introduced by Mary Jo Kelly.

Binu presented an overview of India and his state of Kerola, which is in the south eastern part of the country. His state, one of 29, is about the size of the U.P., with a population of 33 million. It is famous for its climate, always above 70 degrees, and its large production of spices, rubber, mango and 50 kinds of bananas.

The 34 Catholic diocese have schools and colleges run by the priests and sister that help to make it a very prosperous state.