The strangest seed in the world

Joel Weldon is an expert in helping people develop their full potential. To get his message across he often tells the story of the most unusual seed in the world.

He tells the story of the Chinese bamboo tree. It lies buried in the soil for five years before any seedling or sprout appears above ground.

Think of it. For five years the seed must be cultivated, that is, watered and fertilized regularly and there is nothing to show for it, not a trace of anything.

Now comes the big surprise. When the bamboo seedling finally emerges from the ground, it grows to a height of 90 feet in just six weeks. Just think, that is over two feet a day. You can almost see it grow.

Why does it take so long to emerge and why does it grow so fast once it emerges?

Plant experts say that the bamboo seed is busy building an elaborate root system. This root system enables it to grow so fast once it emerges.

Joel Weldon tells us that in life we have to grow a good root system, a good foundation if we are to reach our potential. This means we have to develop a solid character. This takes a lot of patience and trust. It takes someone who encourages us and helps us become the best version of ourselves. This means we have to be nourished by God’s Word and personal prayer and the prayers of one another.

Like the bamboo tree, we might not seem to be doing much, but sooner or later, we too can bear much fruit.

God bless.