Daily Meditations: God does not ration his gifts … Jn: 3:31-36

Many of us remember that during the ’70s there was an oil embargo and because of it, gasoline was rationed.

Besides the main parish, I had a mission parish and was on several diocesan committees, which required extra travel. Getting enough gas was a challenge.

We are told in John’s gospel that with God, we don’t have to worry about rations: “He does not ration His gifts of the Spirit.” Also, when Jesus fed thousands of people with five barley loaves and two small fish, he didn’t ration. When all had their fill, they had 12 wicker baskets left over. We also see how generous he was at the wedding feast of Cana, when he changed water into wine. These examples remind us that the Lord gives without measure. That is why we should never hesitate to ask for his help.

God never rations his gifts to us. May we never ration our response to those gifts. Some think they are so busy that they feel that they must ration all their time, especially their time for worship or private prayer. They just don’t have time to go to Sunday worship on a regular basis. They might be surprised to learn that when they put God first on Sunday, they will often have more time for other things, not less.

Also, in giving of our time and treasure to help others, if we give generously and not try to ration, we find that there is more than enough for ourselves.

If we look at Jesus on the cross, we see his arms stretched out as he gives himself completely for us. He does not ration his love, neither should we!

God bless.