Evangelist to speak at Grace Baptist Church in Kingsford


KINGSFORD — Evangelist Richard Nyakaana will make two appearances at Grace Baptist Church in Kingsford in the coming week. He will preach during the regular church service at 10:30 a.m. Sunday and then again at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Nyakaana studied at Dynamic Planting International in San Diego with plans to lead church planting back in his home nation of Uganda. Since then, he has worked to help plant numerous churches throughout his nation, bringing the word of God to his people. His New Song Churches ISCEM ministry provides schooling support and resources for 45 orphans in Uganda, with more than 200 on a waiting list.

He recently was appointed to oversee more than 13 churches, nine of which he founded. The number of churches continue to grow through his ministry in Kampala, Uganda. They help plant churches in small communities and evangelism for schools and colleges. They even distributed Bibles to police and communities.

Nyakaana received Christ during the terror-filled genocidal reign of Idi Amin in Uganda. He is no stranger to tragedy, having lost all of his eight brothers and sisters, some to the AIDS epidemic in Africa, plus his first wife to a stroke and his first son to an accident at age 2.

However, his deep faith in Jesus enabled him to persevere in life and ministry, leading hundreds of people to Christ and becoming a church-planter. Today he is remarried, and his wife, Claire and three children are a great support to his ministry.

Donations to his mission or scholarships to support more orphans are always welcome. While in the U.S. until August, he can be reached at 971-570-0287, or anytime email rwamuhokyarichard@gmail.com.

The church is at 1295 Pyle Drive in Kingsford.

The public is invited. Child care will be provided.