Daily Meditations: Don’t leave as you were

A new clergyman gave a first sermon to his congregation. It was very well received and the following Sunday, his new congregation returned with great anticipation and high expectation of hearing another good sermon.

To their surprise, the pastor repeated the same sermon. In fact, he did the same for the next two Sundays.

The congregation sent a committee to him for an explanation. He said to them, “I plan to keep repeating the same sermon until you start doing something about it.”

I don’t know what happened about that, but the preacher had a point. People often tell us how good the sermon was, and as one who proclaims the Gospel, it might sound flattering, but we can’t say the sermon was successful unless it makes a difference for the good in the lives of our people.

Perhaps we should put up a sign at the entrance of the church that reads “Come as you are, but don’t leave as you were.”

God bless.