Daily Meditations — Warts and all – Mark 10:30ff

Oliver Cromwell was a famous 17th-century British general and statesman. The story is told that once he had a full-length portrait painting made of himself.

When the painting was finally finished, Cromwell saw that the artist had omitted some of the warts. The general told the artist to correct the well-intentioned omission by saying, “Paint me, warts and all.”

We have many examples of how the gospel writers painted the disciples of Jesus, “warts and all.” In Mark’s gospel, we are told how James and John asked to have seats on Jesus’ right and left side when he came into his kingdom. This was just after Jesus had told the 12 that he would suffer and die a terrible death. The other 10 became very indignant at the two. Some other examples of this are Peter’s denial and Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.

In spite of all their faults, God used the apostles to achieve great things.

We are all aware of our own “warts.” How convinced are we that God can use us, “warts and all” to achieve things for him? Also, do we believe the Lord can make use of our friends and family, “warts and all,” to do good?

Lord, help us to realize that you can transform our liabilities into capabilities.

God bless.