Daily Meditations — Beware of false prophets – Matt 7:15ff

Several decades ago two Cleveland teenagers got an idea for a comic strip character. They tried to sell their idea to every comic strip editor they could think of. Every one of them rejected it for the same reason. They said the character they proposed was too foolish an idea. No one would be interested.

The teenagers finally gave up their character and sold the permanent rights to him for $130. That character was Superman!

All the editors turned out to be “false prophets.” Because the teens believed them, they sold their treasure for a mere $130.

We also have today a number of false prophets. There are a lot of people who say it is foolish to forgive, it is foolish to love your enemies. They say it is foolish to put faith in a Book that was written over 2,000 years ago. They tell us that going to church is just a waste of time. They advise us to take care of #one and always put ourselves first. Also we are advised not to waste our resources trying to help the poor.

We have those at work or school who caution us who we should not associate with. They tell us false information about them. The list goes on.

Today is a good time to ask ourselves how influenced we are by false prophets? Can we determine when someone is acting like a false prophet? Have we ever caught ourselves being a false prophet?

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus himself tells us: “Beware of false prophets!” God bless