Daily Meditations — The generosity of the poor — 2nd Corith:6:1ff

During the Great Depression, a government agent was traveling through the Tennessee mountains. He was making allotments to poor farmers so they could buy supplies.

One day, the agent came up to a woman who lived alone in a dirt-floor cabin. Tar paper covered the broken windows. There was no running water or plumbing.

The agent asked the woman what she would do with it if the government allotted her $200. Without a thought, the woman said, “I reckon I would give it to the poor.”

I find so often the poor really inspire us with their generosity. There are a few interesting verses in St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, where he tells the people at Corinth how very generous the poor people of Macedonia are in giving to help the poor in Jerusalem. He then tells them that they should be inspired by this to be more generous in giving to this cause!

I don’t think St. Paul was trying to shame them into giving, but he wanted them to be motivated by the generosity of others.

We have all seen people pitch in and help, even though they seem overwhelmed with their own problems.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if others would be motivated by our generosity, the way we use our time, talents and treasure?

God bless.