Daily Meditations: Sometimes there is no thanks

John Hughes was a taxi driver in New York. He drove around the streets for more than 35 years and has many stories to tell.

One day, he found an emerald ring in his cab. He racked his brain to try to remember to whom it could belong. Suddenly he remembered helping a woman with a lot of bundles.

He drove back to the spot where she got out. It took him many hours to locate her. When he did, he returned the ring to her. She didn’t give him a reward. She didn’t even thank him for his effort.

John said that he still felt good about it because he knew that he had done the right thing. That was all the thanks he needed.

There are many times in life that there is no expression of appreciation given for the good deeds we have done, nor was there any expected. We just know that we had done the right thing. This really is all the thanks we need. After all, we get to do good for others, not everyone is able to do that!

God bless.


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