‘Words and Music’ display at Bay West in IM

“Words AND Music,” an interactive gallery of art, poetry and the music that was the inspiration by Borderland Arts and the Marquette Poets Circle will run through March 27. Each artwork will be labeled with a QR code. Viewers can listen to the music and view the artists/authors at this virtual gallery by scanning the code with a mobile device. The public is invited to a reception and reading from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 5, at Bay College West in Iron Mountain.

IRON MOUNTAIN — “Words and Music,” an interactive display, will be presented by Borderland Arts of Iron Mountain with poetry by the Marquette Poets Circle through March 27 at Bay College West in Iron Mountain.

Visitors can see works inspired by some of the artists’ favorite musicians, including: The Beatles, Debussy, Neil Diamond, Handel, JEM and more. QR codes and sound modules allow gallery guests to hear the music and learn more about the artists and authors.

The public is invited to a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 5.

This project is dedicated to Genean Granger, who started the collaboration of U.P. poets and artists with Melisse Carr, Stella Hansen and the Borderland Arts group. The group is honored that her final poem appears as part of this project. Everyone is encouraged to go to the virtual gallery to learn more about this witty and wonderful poet.

Participating artists and authors are Martin Achatz, Sharon Antonissen, Esther Margaret Ayers, Milton J. Bates, A. Lynn Blumer, Christine Burns, Melisse Carr, Lynn Domina, Lisa Fosmo, Gail Galotta, Genean Granger, Stella Hansen, Kathleen M. Heideman, John Hilden, Susan Huotari, The Rev. M.E. Kilpatrick, Christina Kionka, Jesse Koenig, Kathy Kuczek, Jane Landwehr, Matt Maki, Gala Malherbe, Barbara Willard Marden, Beverly Matherne, Terry O’Connor, Kathryn Palmcook, Jane Piirto, Janeen Rastall, Christine Saari, Cyndi Safstrom, Sharon Schmeltzer, Audrey Smith, Gail Stanek, Darlene Strand, Rebecca Tavernini, John Taylor, Russell Thorburn and Ed Wills.

Borderland Arts is a not-for-profit organization established to promote the creative arts, enrich the cultural fabric of the Michigan-Wisconsin borderland communities and build mutually beneficial relationships with similar groups elsewhere. To learn more about the group, go to www.borderlandarts.net.

The Marquette Poets Circle welcomes poets of all ages and experience level. They meet on the first Monday in the month as part of the Center for the Healing Arts at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Marquette. Once a quarter, Peter White Public Library and the Marquette Poets Circle co-host an open mic called “Inspired Words.” For more information, go to https://marquettepoetscircle.wordpress.com.

For more information on the “Words and Music” display, contact Janeen Rastall at 517-410-3368, or go to the event page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/568659930557429/ or the virtual gallery at janeenpergrin.wixsite.com/borderlands.