Daily Meditations — You are the salt of the earth – Matt: 5:33ff

One of the greatest compliments someone can give is to say, “That man is the salt of the earth.” This implies that person really gives flavor to the life of others.

Many years ago there was a television program called “Life is Worth Living” by Bishop Fulton Sheen. His talks were so uplifting, showing he believed in the goodness and beauty of life. He really gave meaning and flavor to life. He was one of those who was the salt of the earth!

His talks weren’t about him. He was like the “salt in the soup.” As we know, when you add a little salt to soup, it is so much better. Too much salt and the soup is too salty! So, too, when life is too much about us, the “soup is too salty.”

A good test of us is to ask, “Do we make life worth living for others?” If we do, then we are trying to be the salt in the soup!

God bless.


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