Aurora Mud Runs on Sunday

AURORA, Wis. — The popular Aurora Mud Runs are back Sunday at the ball park in Aurora.

Sponsored this year by the Niagara Lions Club, the gates will open at 10 a.m. for a day of excitement and fun for drivers and spectators as trucks will speed — and often slog — through a rugged mud pit.

The event was in danger of being canceled due to a lack of volunteers until the Niagara Lions offered to sponsor the event to keep it going, which has a proud history dating to about 1985.

Registration will take place from 7 to 10:30 a.m., with competition starting at noon. Classes will include:

— Up to six-cylinder stock and 34.5-inch tires;

— Up to six-cylinder Open and no tire restriction;

— Stock- No mods, up to 34.5-inch tires;

— Super stock, up to three mods and up to 34.5-inch tire;

— Super stock, up to three mods- over 34.5-inch tire;

— Mod small tire, up to 34.5-inch tire;

— G. Mod large tire-, over 34.5-inch tire;

— Women’s Super Stock, up to 44-inch tire;

— Diesel Open;

— Maga Truck Open, over 44-inch tires;

— XXX Open Class.

There will be 100% payout of entry fees with first, 50%; second 35% and third, 15% There will be more payouts for open classes.

Entry fee for drivers is $35.

Adult spectator admission is $10 per person, with ages 12 and younger free.

Concessions will include food, soda, water, beer and seltzers. Carry-ins are prohibited.

A 50-50 raffles will be available, run by local high school basketball players, who will keep all proceeds to help financially support their programs.

The Niagara Lions and all organizations who participate will share in the proceeds of the event.


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