Keeping coffee filters from sticking

Dear Heloise: I probably got this hint from your column years ago, but you might want to print it again: When I go to use a coffee filter, the filters often stick together. In order to get one off, I keep a piece of double-sided tape on the inside of the cabinet door. Just touch the package of filters against the tape, and one of the filters will come off. — JoAnn Peterson


Dear Heloise: When I was touring the Canyonlands of Colorado and Utah, I bought an old, small desktop calendar with photos of the various parks. I didn’t want to throw it away, so I saved it. The dates ended up matching the dates for this year, so I’m using it again! I have a couple other special calendars that I’m saving for years when the dates match.

Also, I keep a small paintbrush (never used for paint) in my car console. When I go through the car wash, I brush away dust on my dashboard and doors.

Lastly, I have a Heloise book from 1963 that I intend to read. I may have given it to my mother. (I have a feeling that different attitudes are going to be evident.) I’ll let you know. — L.G., in Indiana


Dear Heloise: Thanks for your column. I read it in the Dayton Daily News. Here’s my hint:

I use a sharp pair of scissors to cut facial tissues in half front to back before use. This will work on any brand that’s in a rectangular box (not the cube-type box). If I want to use a cube-type box, I will buy a rectangular box of tissues and cut them in half. Then I open up the side of the cube box, fill it with cut tissues (which now fit perfectly), and tape the cube box closed.

I find that half of a facial tissue is large enough for a good nose blow. This doubles the number of tissues from just one box and allows me to refill a cube box less expensively. — B.S., in Ohio


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