Women in construction

From left, in the front row are Erika Malone, Lexi DalSanto, Ashlyn Blaskowski, Linnea Grubb; in the second row are Elizabeth Early, Trinity Moore, Ali LaVarnway, Taylor DeMay, Ellyce Doenier, Elaina Bortolini, Kaitlyn Schmutzler, Paige Janousek, Maggie McKinnon; in the third row are Abby Richer, Gracyn Bilgreen, Aliyah Garvalia, Mila Hendricksen, Amelia Ellison, Brooke Bittinger, Jenna Olkkonen and in the back row are Sarah Massie, Tina Francis, Hayley Buchcuski, Reihannen Reed, Laura Shields, Hailey Spigarelli, Alexis Roe, Jean Constantini.
Shown with the metal trees they created are, from left, Alexis Roe, Hailey Spigarelli, Laura Shields, Hayley Buchcuski, Reihannen Reed and Abby Richer.

This spring 27 Kingsford Middle School girls attended the NMU Women In Construction that was held at the Jacobetti Center. Approximately 100 girls from around the U.P. attended the event. Students were separated into groups and rotated through the woodshop, machine shop and CAD Lab. Everyone was able to build a tool box, cut a decorative metal tree on the Plasma Cam, weld additional tree branches on the tree and use AutoCAD 3D Revit software to design a boutique. They also participated in a leadership challenge where they collaborated to see who could build the highest tower. Restrictions such as only being able to use one hand and only one team member allowed to speak were mixed into the challenge.