Boil alert lifted for Quinnesec water system

QUINNESEC — A boil alert for the Quinnesec water system has been lifted, Breitung Township officials announced.

“Water testing has shown the water is safe to drink,” said Guy Forstrom, Breitung Township Department of Public Works superintendent. “We will continue to add a small amount of chlorine and sample the system for the next few weeks.”

The boil alert was issued Friday afternoon after routine monitoring detected the presence of coliform bacteria in the Quinnesec water system. The alert was lifted Tuesday afternoon under the direction of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

“Breitung Township thanks its customers for their cooperation and patience,” Forstrom said.

Most coliform bacteria do not cause illness, according to the DEQ. However, their presence in a water system is a public health concern because of the potential for disease-causing strains of bacteria, viruses and protozoa to also be present.