Delayed sentence in Burger King embezzlement


IRON MOUNTAIN — A Detroit man who embezzled thousands of dollars from the Kingsford Burger King by creating fictitious employees and collecting their paychecks was granted a delayed sentence Thursday in Dickinson County Circuit Court.

This means 46-year-old Anthony Shrone Person won’t have a felony conviction on his record if he successfully completes one year of probation that includes paying $7,100 in restitution. He was given credit for 25 days already served in the Dickinson County Jail and released after his sentencing hearing.

Person previously pleaded guilty to felony embezzlement by an agent or trustee-between $1,000 and $20,000. He admitted taking the money while working as a general manager between Nov. 26 and March 9.

Person is a veteran who fell on hard times and made a poor decision that resulted in his first felony, defense attorney Abbey Anderson said. He already has several thousand dollars saved to start making restitution payments, she added.

When given a chance to speak, Person said he had no excuses and takes responsibility for his actions. He said he is working two jobs in order to pay restitution and move forward with his life.

Dickinson County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Kristin Kass took note of Person’s cooperation and honesty throughout the entire court process. But his crime was more extensive than the average embezzlement and involved detailed deception, she said.

Taking all this into account, Judge Mary Barglind determined a delayed sentence was appropriate.

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