Pepper workshop at Harmony Arboretum

Harmony, Wis. — The pepper family is known for its flavor, which can vary from rather sweet to the blast furnace side of hot and spicy.

One way gardeners and home cooks can learn more about both the growing of peppers and the variations within their culinary opportunities is by attending the upcoming “Peppers: Sweet or Spicy?” workshop being held at Harmony Arboretum and sponsored by Marinette County UW-Extension and the Northern Lights Master Gardener Volunteers.

This workshop will be held at the pavilion within the Harmony Arboretum demonstration gardens from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, rain or shine.

The event will offer discussion of pepper growing techniques, viewing of the pepper plants grown at Harmony this season, and taste testing of the array of sweet, warm, and a few hot peppers that were grown. As an additional bonus, there will be some dishes featuring peppers for taste-testing, too.

Peppers need some help getting to maturity and full production potential in the northern growing climate, as they are primarily tropical plants, and many of them are perennials in their native environments. Scott Reuss, UW-Extension Horticulture Agent, will review these techniques to help you achieve optimal production in home gardens.

The demonstration gardens are located on Marinette County Hwy. E, 1/2 mile- south of Hwy. 64. All persons are welcome to attend this free seminar. If you have questions about this event or other horticulture issues, please contactReuss at the UW-Extension office, 715-732-7510 or email to