Some organizations are exempt from obtaining a food license

FLORENCE, Wis. — The Florence County Health Department would like to remind all religious, charitable, or non-profit organizations that they are exempt from obtaining a license under ATCP 75.063 for the following scenarios:

— A religious, charitable of non-profit organization occasionally, 12-days per calendar year, may operate a retail food establishment-not serving meals (75.063(6)).

This means that 12 days out of the calendar year any one of the above-mentioned entities may hold an event without obtaining a license from the Florence County Health Department.

Not serving meals includes any of the following items that you are allowed to serve without being considered a meal including: beverages such as soft drinks, coffee, juices; ice cream; milk and milk drinks; ices; confections; grab-and-go packaged foods whether cold or from a hot case; deli case items sold by weight or volume; bakery items (breads, cakes, pastry, donuts, cookies, pie); single-bite sized free food samples or an equivalent portion given away to demonstrate the characteristics of food.

Any other items served, other than those listed above, may be considered a meal.

— A church, religious, fraternal, youth, patriotic or civic organizations or service clubs that occasionally (three-days per calendar year) prepares, serves or sells meals to transients or the general public (75.063 (7)) is also exempt from obtaining a license from the Florence County Health Department.

For those organizations that prepares, serves, or sells meals to transients or the general public more than three-days per calendar year are required by state Administrative Rule 75 to obtain a license for a temporary restaurant.

Organizations are, however, required to submit an application to the health department for any event that serves a meal or does not serve a meal but provides any type of food items.

“With the application on file, we are aware of the events serving food to the community. This makes it easier for us to do investigations in the event a food or waterborne illness occurs and gives us an opportunity to provide education on preventing risk factors associated with food preparation.” said Amber Kolberg, registered sanitarian for Florence County Health Department.

A copy of the Florence County Special Event Application may be obtained from the health department’s website at https://florencewipublichealth.com/food-service-inspections-permits.htm#xl_Application-Forms or by calling Kolberg at the health department at 715-528-3428.


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