A time to purify


Every 120 years or so the whole planet Earth changes out the entire population. 8 billion or so! Some go to heaven and some go to hell. The atheist does not believe in hell until he gets there.

There are some that believe in a creator and do not believe in hell either. Why is this? Identify the enemy! Lucifer still believes he will destroy Jesus and become God. Interesting, the clay pot will destroy the potter (creator).

Purgatory. What is it? A place that believers go when they die with sin on their soul.

Like the person being sentenced to jail for a crime(s) and has to do time. Can the sentence be shortened by the parole board. Of course. As long as the crime wasn’t deadly.

There is a crime (sin) that will not be forgiven. Just imagine, incarceration without the chance of parole. The same as in the spirit world. That is why Roman Catholics are told to believe that prayer (indulgences) is like when people write to the judge or parole board and ask for mercy (shorter time in jail) because the person in jail made a mistake.

This is the person dying unexpectedly, who didn’t have time to truly repent the sin on their soul and the indulgence will shorten the time in purgatory. The purifying time as it says in scripture.

Nothing impure will enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Revelation 21:27.

God bless.