Urge support for carbon dividend bill


On Black Friday, the U.S. government issued the National Climate Assessment, a report that details how human-caused climate change will negatively impact the U.S. economy and the health of our citizens. Fortunately, a bill has been introduced in Congress that will encourage our country to switch from the dirty fossil fuels that are driving this dangerous climate change to clean, renewable energy sources.

Weather extremes in the U.S. and around the world exacerbated by this climate change are becoming more frequent. Wildfires worsened by anomalously warm and dry weather have caused extensive damage in California while in other locations, flooding following torrential rains have resulted in significant damage, including last summer in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The great majority of the most qualified scientists in my field of study in atmospheric science believe human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for this increase in weather-related disasters. The National Climate Assessment warns these increasingly likely calamities, which the report estimates have cost the U.S. economy nearly $400 billion since 2015, will increase budget deficits even more significantly in coming years. An expected increase in insect and disease spread related to this climate change will increase our health care costs and exacerbate deficits even more.

Fortunately, a bi-partisan group of U.S. representatives recently introduced H.R. 7173, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a revenue-neutral bill that would encourage a transition from the dirty fossil fuels which are driving this costly climate change to clean, renewable energy sources. Our reduced demand for fossil fuels like oil will also reduce the price for that dirty fuel and harm the economies of enemy nations like Russia and Iran. I urge your readers to contact our Rep Jack Bergman and encourage him to support passage of H.R. 7173.

Kevin Crupi