Republicans are silent


Is cancer growing in the Republican/Trump Party? When Mueller said that there was evidence of criminal behavior, Trump denied and the Republicans were silent. When Mueller said the President could not be charged with any crime (above the law), the Republicans were silent or deflected.

When Trump uses his properties to host government business, the Republicans are silent.

When Trump makes racist remarks and character assaults, the Republicans say nothing.

When Trump grossly distorts facts or lies, the Republicans deny or say nothing.

When the Republican Senate leader blocks almost all House legislation including bipartisan election reforms, the Republicans say nothing or say OK.

When Latino families and children are destroyed or die because of Trump policy and neglect, Republicans deny, deflect, or say nothing.

This is the cancer of corruption; fear of those who don’t look, sound, or think like you; and the greed for power. This is not anything close to what made this country great.

I believe that this cancer will destroy the Republican Party unless its members find the courage and moral backbone to primary members that allow the above via no voice or action.

I also believe the cancer will spread to all parties if we as an electorate allow greed for power and money, racism, sexually assaultive behavior, or ignoring of law to be eligible for our vote.

Gilbert Engel

Niagara, Wis.


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