Too soon for deer baiting ban

I must comment on the regional baiting ban the state has put in place.

First, there was “one” deer found with chronic wasting disease, or CWD, in Dickinson County. Then during rifle season, they tested 1,700 more deer in this area — nothing found.

This ban does not have to happen at this time, unfounded. This could have been decided far down the road if more cases were found.

This is not going to go down well; it will hurt many people, hunters and business people.

Now, when I started hunting at 14 in 1959, there was no such thing as “baiting” — there were not even any deer blinds! You can get a deer without baiting, you just have to hunt the old-fashion way.

I bait, but baiting in a warm blind is not “hunting” in reality.

There are 22 states with no baiting at all.

I also do a lot of “still hunting.” That takes a little skill and lots of patience.

Make your voice heard, either way, on the local baiting ban.


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