Not American values to deport sick children


It’s not enough to cage immigrant children on the Texas border. Now we have the irony — remembering that Jesus was on Earth 33 years — of requiring severely ill, undocumented immigrant children to leave the country in 33 days. It seems the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service no longer will permit the previous two-year legal deferral of removal of children with serious medical conditions. National Public Radio reports Boston Children’s Hospital, a premier medical facility, has immigrant children who will die without specialized medical care they cannot obtain in their countries of origin. These children have cancer, seizures, muscular dystrophy and cardiac issues that, untreated, will result in death.

No problem for U.S. Customs and Immigration Service, It tells these sick kids to go to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Except ICE says, “We don’t know anything about this.”

So, within 33 days, the severely ill children will be deported where they will not receive the critical care they need and they will die. No good Samaritan here. Like Scrooge, our government under Trump says, “Let them die and reduce the surplus population.” Removing children from lifesaving medical care and deporting them is a death sentence. It dishonors the values of America.


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