Trump given too much power


Is the executive branch all that matters in the time of Trump?

I understand that our Constitutional democracy has been eroded by the use of executive power by both main political parties, but it is hard to have imagined the extent it is now happening and the complicity of the Department of Justice in covering the abuses of power by President Trump.

How is this possible? It seems to me that you need a leader obsessed with his own ego and infallibility; a leader obsessed with the desire for power and wealth; a political party willing to forward the leader’s wants and needs for their own power, control of government and wealth, primarily to power brokers in their party; and a group of voters that will, when called upon, blindly follow, ignoring the obsessions of the leader, excusing the immoral and inhumane behavior and directives from the leader, and ignoring clear violations of law and rules by the leader.

I believe President Trump is this kind of leader and is the kind of threat to our form of government President Lincoln warned us about. I also believe that the Senate Republicans, in refusing to pass anything not approved by President Trump, and Republican voters supporting like-minded political officials make the end of our Constitutional democracy much more likely.