Think about family — give up smoking


My wife passed away on Jan. 19, 2019, of stage 4 lung cancer. Yes, she smoked, but it is the cigarette companies I would like to go after. They make a poison, they know it, it kills, but there is big, huge money involved. Same with alcohol, addictive and it kills, and snuff. These people will pay some day for selling this poison, and knowing it kills, what a shame. Judgement day is coming for them.

My wife was also going blind from smoking — eye specialist told her she would go blind if she did not quit. Did not and could not quit, addicted.

If you people who now smoke could see her last weeks, you would quit now; it was not pretty. I see it every night in trying to go to sleep. I have not slept good since last October, when she was told of the cancer. It was too late.

I would love to be able to sue this company — they should have to pay everyone who dies from lung cancer for the suffering, pain and family loss. I see her last weeks every day and I cannot get over it. Please think about this now before it is too late — you do not want to go through what I did, and my family and all involved.