Elections offer chance for we the people to be heard

Have you driven about lately and noticed the vehicles on our roads? It seems we have evolved nearly beyond the sedan-type of car and replaced that with so called SUV types. Of course, those come in all sizes, as sedans did, but they follow a pattern that allows them at any size to be called SUV. Now, this does make sense, as these new SUV cars are so practical and handy. They have more room inside, they are usually easier to enter and exit and most, if not all, have four-wheel drive in one form or another.

I also notice that pickup trucks, once the tool of the various businessman or farmer that evolved to become the best-selling vehicle of all, is no longer just a cab for two or three and the bed behind. For some years the extended cab was the rage but now it seems even that is diminishing in numbers, as opposed to the four-door, two-row cab with many luxuries built in. Think of this — when was the last time you saw a new one with a manual transmission?

Several major manufacturers no longer even make a sedan-type of vehicle. And all this happened so smoothly, so nearly unnoticed and so universally. Interesting to me, at least, is that even though the prices range as did the sedans they replaced, the overall price is quite a bit higher.

My overall point is this did happen and we, the people, caused it to happen. All of this got me thinking that if we the people can transform the automobile industry, why do we not apply this power to other things in our lives?

Why do we just read about wage inequality and keep working for peanuts?

Why do we risk drinking bad water when the technology to provide safe water is so known and available? In the case of the water, they — the people we hired to manage our governmental affairs — say it is “cost.” Hmmmm. What about the taxes we paid to take care of this and other needs? What did they do with all that money? Where is it?

What about the roads? Even in an SUV you are still bouncing from seat cushion to as high as the seat belt allows over every hole and tar strip. We have paid taxes in the form of license plates and at the pump and through property taxes so we could have good roads. But we don’t have them. Why do we put up with this?

I could go on, but you must have caught my drift by now. We have the power of the voice and the purse and especially the vote. Turn off that “talk radio” or that “news channel” and have a chat with your friends and neighbors.

There is an election coming in November. It is time for we the people to take back our country and our affairs. Let’s fire the bums who have let things get like this while promising to do as we require and then forgetting all about we the people.

If you have a mind to do so, run for office. If not, support someone who will manage things as you require. It really is that simple.

It is a long time until November. I’ll be back before then. Enjoy winter. We may be easy to fool, but if we are here, we are hardy. Right?