Changing times in America

The Democrats in Washington D.C. continue to display their jealousy for not holding the presidential office. Rather than discharging their elected duties, it is obvious they are attempting to keep the president too bogged down himself to accomplish his goals.

If they truly wanted integrity in government, they would see to it Hillary Clinton would serve the prison term she has been escaping. Rather than sitting in a prison cell, she was chosen by the party to run for the Oval Office.

The Socialists could never garner enough votes to come remotely close to win in a general election. It appears they injected their philosophy into the top Democratic leadership.

True, President Trump is a feisty tweeter, but it probably takes a strong personality like his to survive attacks from “the swamp,” and still manage to establish and maintain the nation’s lowest unemployment numbers in recent times.

I used to be a Democrat until my party took a left turn back at the intersection of capitalism and socialism.

Bid your Christian freedom adios if big government wins in 2020. Their tax man will inherit your wallet to pay for “free college.”

Egads — our votes have replaced the bullets required to protect the freedom we have always enjoyed in America in these changing times!

Remember, Rome fell from the inside.


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