Having basics shouldn’t be this tough

I have been bombarded of late with political ads, reporting, campaigning, etc, etc. You, too? Looks like quite a bit of stuff to sort through and figure out in order to make a proper choice, right? Maybe, but let me suggest this. Look in your wallet. Look at your families finances. Look at your bank account. Do you even have a saving account? Or are you going to use a credit card to get past a sudden emergency?

Have you ever asked yourself, why are you not making a decent wage with one job? My parents did. When I was still working, I did. The trouble is, you would have to talk to someone my age — three quarters of a century — to find out what that was like.

What about medical? How are you doing in that area? Thirty years ago, I had a serious cancer. I had an insurance plan that paid the whole thing. No deductible. Just a receipt marked “paid.” Have got something like that? In more than 30 countries on this planet, you would have. We nearly started working on that one with the Affordable Care Act but the (R) people kicked the legs out of it before it got going. Still, millions are better off with it, even in it’s abbreviated form. Again the (R) people are suing right now to get rid of it completely.

Of course they are SAYING that they are fighting to protect you. Oh sure, just one more lie from a group you have come to expect lies from, not a few, but a daily deluge. But in the end, what are YOU going to do for medical care?

This is the real stuff life is made of. When you do not make enough money to live on — and I am talking live on, not exist — are you going to be satisfied with more lies? Or would you like more cash. When you go to your next medical appointment or go to pick up your next Rx, are you going to be able to afford it? Will your provider or your pharmacist accept a lie for payment? Or will they want cash?

Think about this. These are the basics. These affect YOU and your family. Is loyalty to a political party all you need? Or do you need cash? This is our country and we can have it our way. Or you can swallow some more lies and keep wondering how you will make it to next week. While we let some real crooks have it their way. Your choice.


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