Nothing wrong with absentee voting system

I have heard our president speaking this past week about a flood of ballots, fraudulent ballots, being sent in for the upcoming election from Europe and other places to slant our election process.

When I heard this, I had to wonder how the president’s staff let him include such an impossible falsehood in a presidential speech. My wife and I vote by mail, as that is what our county desires during the COVID-19 problem, which is now overshadowing everything in the world. We had to go though a process of identification and follow another procedure when mailing in our ballots to have them count. Nobody or no group can print fraudulent ballots, send them in and have them counted. The system we have in place does not allow that.

Now someone on the staff of the president knows this, even if the president himself does not. And if he does not know how the election process works in this country that he purports to be the leader of, what is wrong with him? What is wrong with his staff? I believe his staff does know and that the president knows as well. So why the falsehood? Don’t “We The People” deserve more and better from the man at the top and his staff?

Luckily for us, we have a number of polls taken on a continuing basis. They are based on statistics and statistics are based on arithmetic when you strip everything else away. The polling process is very good at predictions. Now sometimes the people who are polled do something different than they tell the pollster and the poll appears to turn out to be “wrong.” This is a variable and over time the polling process allows for this. I have confidence in polls and the polling process as the best predictor we have right now. And right now the polls show that the majority of the American people — that would be that “We The People” that I mentioned previously — are tired of being lied to. The overwhelming number of us want something that works better than a neverending stream of lies.

Now this administration has its following. You see them packed in arenas for rallies. Some of them are going to still be alive and able to vote in November. I say this because the COVID-19 thing is NOT a lie. It is real and it will strike a lot of folks down on a continuing basis. Just check the daily numbers. Statistics again, and in this case an accurate reading of what is going on. But those still above ground will vote for more lies and more outright mismanagement of our governmental affairs.

The bright spot in all this is that most of the American people will not vote for more of this outright foolishness. Most of us do not like to be lied to about everything, every day. Most of us want just be Americans and most of us want to continue making this country better. Most of us do not want to be divided and most of us do not want an all-out battle between an America with two sides. If you read your history or remember it you will find we have done that once. You do remember how that turned out don’t you?

Stay home when you can and stay safe behind your mask. This will end. You do want to be around when it does, right?


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