By mail-in or otherwise, vote

Here is today’s thought. Mail-in voting is the exact same thing as absentee voting. Both are safe and neither is prone to any kind of widespread fraud. If you do not believe me, try to get a ballot for a dead person or your dog. I have heard both of these thoughts coming from on high in a big white building in Washington D.C. But please try it. You will find it does not work. They require more than just your asking for a ballot. And if they send a ballot to someone no longer with us, either through death or relocation, that will not count, either. You see, identification is required before that ballot can be counted. Can your grandparent in Heaven provide the necessary identification? Can your dog? No. So will their fraudulent ballot be counted? No!

Take this one beyond my opinion. Ask the folks who run the elections in your locality. Ask them. Then decide whom you want to cast your ballot for and be a real citizen and vote. I do not care whom you vote for. This is America and that is your business. What is everyone’s business is that we all vote. Government Of, By and For the people. The only way to make that work is to vote. Please, vote. By any method. But vote!


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