Expecting less, deserving more

I have always tended toward an interest in history. I have an interest in current events. I am an American military veteran. Vietnam, combat, 100% disabled. I am also no longer young, so since March I have been staying near the home fires to avoid the current pandemic.

Now while some get bored, I have just refocused and luckily there are currently some rather good books newly available and some have a historic bent. I tell you this to set the mood for what I have to say next and finally.

We have come to expect less. Less than we deserve. Less than we need. Less than what would make us happy. Less even than what would keep us healthy. This does not have to be, but it just is that way. That is unfortunate. More unfortunate is that some of us are satisfied with this condition of less. Unbelievably, about a third of us are actually happy about this condition. Or at least they act like it. Now that is truly sad.

This is still America. Look at what we have done in the past. Think about what we might accomplish going forward. Then, go vote.

As far-fetched as you may believe it is, we can still put the smile back on America’s face. We can put that smile back on the faces of all who want it there. We can. We should. Will we? You tell me.


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