Media, politicians responsible

The pandemic is real, but the media has killed more people than the virus. Early in the pandemic, February and March, the media went out of its way to show high-profile politicians downplaying the dangers of the virus. Nancy Pelosi was on TV, maskless, in Chinatown, inviting everyone to “come down, we’re here.” In March, Mayor Bill de Blasio went on national TV and urged New Yorkers to go to their bars, restaurants and to Broadway plays, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo was on TV every day running for president in 2024, while he directed patients with COVID-19 back into nursing homes. Cuomo’s self-serving, failed leadership caused 15% of all the virus deaths in the U.S.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has been even worse. Evers locked down Wisconsin on March 24 and a short time later, deaths began to rise precipitously. Thankfully, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down that order on May 14 and, subsequently, deaths dropped dramatically over the next two months. On Aug. 1, Evers issued a mask mandate and ever since cases and deaths have skyrocketed. Deaths continue to skyrocket since Evers’ restaurant and bar limits imposed on Wisconsin on Oct. 8. Evers has been an abysmal failure, as every action he has taken has killed more and more citizens.


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